Last updated: 10/26/2022

If you test positive for Covid-19:

  • The day that symptoms begin is day zero

  • If no symptoms, the day that you tested is day zero

  • Days 1-5 stay home and isolate from others

  • Day 6 if symptoms improved and there has been no fever for 24 hours you may return to school

  • Days 6-10 it is recommended to wear a mask when around others

If you were exposed to a positive Covid-19 case:

  • If you are not having symptoms, you can be at school but it is recommended to wear a mask for 10 days when around others

  • Watch for symptoms for a full 10 days

  • If you develop symptoms, stay home

  • Test on day 5 after your exposure, even if you are not having symptoms

  •  If you test negative, continue wearing a mask around others for five days

  •  If you test positive, follow the steps for testing positive