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Everyone needs a plan for life after high school, and Mr. Bratt ( works with students of all ages as a career advisor to help them develop and follow through with plans for their post-high school lives. Use the buttons above to learn more about career possibilities so all students can be employed, enrolled, enlisted, or entrepreneurial when they graduate from VBHS.

Students - CLICK HERE to see the careers of VB graduates and connect with them on LinkedIn to ask questions and learn more about your career choices (available to current students only). You can click the individual tabs at the bottom of the page to see graduates from every year going back to 2000.

CLICK HERE to review the slide deck from the 9.13.23 student body meeting.

CLICK HERE to review the video introducing freshmen to how to log service hours in Transeo/PATHWAYos if they choose to work toward the Community Service seal.

CLICK HERE to review the slide deck from the 9.20.23 meeting for grades 10-12 pertaining to career resources.

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