VLA is an online curriculum provider offering over 250 core and elective courses to students in grades K-12. VLA courses are aligned to Ohio's content standards, which are rooted in the National Academic Content Standards.

Students will agree to remote learning from home one semester at a time. Students will not be permitted to come in and out of remote learning.

The VLA programming is a completely online platform. There are no live classes. All curriculum elements are contained so that a student can progress through the course independently.

The VLA platform permits each student to work at their own pace. Students will need to complete approximately 3 to 5 hours worth of work per day, depending on grade level. Kindergarten students would have approximately 1 to 1.5 hours per day. The VLA platform monitors the length of time the student is logged in and working. A teacher will communicate with the student and parent related to a lack of progress. Students are able to work in VLA seven days a week.

Because VLA is a self-contained, self-paced curriculum, a parent's role will be different depending on a student's ability to work on their own. Parents will need to provide the basics for success, including internet connectivity, and also help monitor a student's progress.

Watch the videos posted here for further details.