Van Buren Schools will have a 1% income tax on the March 17, 2020 ballot.  This is not a property tax.  The levy is not for any new construction or buildings.  This money will go toward day-to-day operations and sustaining our excellent programs.  For someone earning an annual income of $25,000, the levy amounts to 68 cents perday.  At a $50,000 income, it's $1.37 per day.  Every Hancock County school, except Findlay City, has an income tax levy.

Why do the Van Buren Local Schools need a levy?

Since State of Ohio’s 2006 elimination of the Tangible Personal Property (TPP) tax, the Van Buren Local School District has seen a steady decrease in funding over the past 13 years. Reduced revenue and increasing expenses have caused the District to go into deficit spending beginning in FY 2015.

Van Buren receives less state funding than most school districts as we are considered a "wealthy" district based on the average income of our taxpayers.  

The District has not passed a levy for new revenues since 2004.

Why is the levy important for students and the community?

The $2.45 million levy will preserve the educational excellence the district is built upon.

The levy would address the budget deficit as well as allow for additional counseling and mental health services, development of Career Exploration and Development programming and maintenance of current building.

Failure to find additional revenue will have a drastic impact on our educational programming. The Board of Education and administration will have to make decisions for the next budget on reductions that will have a direct impact on student education

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