Hear From VB Graduates As They Discuss Their Career Experiences

We are proud of our Van Buren graduates every year, but what happens to those graduates? Now you have an opportunity to hear from graduates like Thomas Piccirillo ('19), Brittany (Ramsey) Busse ('06), Tori Bookwalter ('17), McClain Brown ('17), Emilie Bandy ('00), and Dustin Drerup ('02) as they talk about their career experiences and the influence Van Buren had on them with VBHS English teacher, Mr. Brian Bratt.

In addition to Van Buren graduates, the YouTube channel https://bit.ly/InterviewingPeople provides interviews with other professionals speaking about their career experiences. The goal is to continue adding interviews on a regular basis to provide Van Buren students with information about careers and keep the community up to date regarding the achievements of our graduates. Enjoy!