Your Van Buren Middle School Daily Announcements for Wednesday, June 2, 2021:         


Cats have more toes on their front paws (5) than on their back paws (4)


THIS WEEK @ VBMS:       

  • Wednesday 6/2/2021: Talent Show (12:45pm) , District Staff Cookout
  • Thursday 6/3/2021:  Moving Up assembly - Auditorium (12:45 pm)
  • Friday 6/4/2021: Last day for students! - 8th grade picnic - State Park (all day), 6th grade awards, auditorium (9:30am), 7th grade awards, auditorium (10:30 am)


The 16th annual VBMS talent show will take place today at 12:45pm in the auditorium.  Unfortunately, no guests are allowed to attend, but we plan to either have a video or livestream option.   
Chef's Choice!
  • All  students are eligible to receive free school lunches (a regular lunch) as a result of the federal school lunch program waiver made possible through the CARES act. Additionally, any students purchasing a regular school lunch since the start of the school year will have that lunch cost refunded to their lunch account in the coming weeks.
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