Modified Hybrid FAQ

Please share questions or concerns with Mr. Blum at bblum@vbschools.net

What is a modified hybrid schedule?

All students will be attending school in person on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday will be a remote learning day.

The length of the school day will stay the same.

Why the change from our current Hybrid Model?

The current Hybrid Model has shown that the practices put into place in accordance with CDC and the local health department are working. At a recent meeting with the board of health, there was support from our health department that schools can move forward in bringing students back to school more than the current model. The modified hybrid model allows for us to take the next step in bringing students back full time.

Will we still follow CDC guidelines?

Yes, we will. We will do everything possible to ensure we follow the guidelines as close as possible. The only area that will require some flexibility is the 6-foot social distancing in each area of the building. There will be times when we might be at 3-4 feet. Again, more specific information will be coming from your building principal in regards to this topic.

Last update 10/7/20